Demo Reel

The Artist in Motion, Bringing Characters to Life

Chelsea Regina brings an incredible, emotional range to each and every performance. As you’ll see from her reels showcase, she has not only a dynamic range as a performer but also an ability to connect with audiences. From hilarious comedic skits that will leave you in stitches to heart-wrenching dramatic scenes that will have you reaching for the tissues, the dedication to her performances shines through in every clip. Take a look at her reels below, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained!

Chelsea Regina has been honing her craft for years, and you might even recognize her from some of her many past roles, including Kinderbot, The Night Before Easter, Pitching the Tent, and The Girl in the Photo. Regardless of whether she’s on-camera or lending her voice to animated characters, Chelsea brings a certain energy and passion to every one of her performances. Raise the bar with your next production, be it an advertisement, promo, training, film, or mini-series, and tap into Chelsea’s wealth of experience.






What the People Are Saying


“When I say excellent I mean excellent quick fast and and a hurry!!!!!!! Attention to detail perfect prolific love it love it love it Beyond pleased great voice over Google thank you so much!!!!!!!”


“The best voice in the business and I highly recommend using her for all voice related work!”


“I am making a casting with different type of voices and the seller was very responsive and understood the project right away.”


“A stellar performance – fantastic character acting.”


“I loved her voice for this character! She did an excellent job for this project! I can’t wait to work with her again!”