Comfortable Under the Spotlight or in the Chorus

Are you tired of searching for the perfect singer to bring your latest hit to life? Well, look no further than Chelsea Regina! Inspired by musical icons like Katy Perry, Dua Lipa, and Kelly Clarkson, Chelsea’s vocals are guaranteed to get your listeners dancing and singing all night long! Her energy and enthusiasm shine through every note she sings, so whether you need a voice for your catchy chorus or a funky rhythm, Chelsea’s got you covered!

For samples to listen to, check out her latest singles “After Tonight” and “Green Christmas” or her EP, Still Here, on any of the apps below.



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A Voice Crafted for Captivating Performances

With a voice that effortlessly weaves a tapestry of sound, blending tones and emotions, Chelsea Regina is also the perfect choice for your next live music event. Her range, control, and ability to connect with the audience are unparalleled, making every song an immersive experience. By effortlessly delivering powerful and emotionally charged performances, Chelsea as your vocalist will raise your event to the next level. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large-scale concert, hiring Chelsea Regina guarantees an unforgettable live singing experience that will leave your venue’s guests in awe.

Chelsea’s incredible vocals have also been lent to various musicians and producers, including Arctic Rose, Javier Devesa, and Forty 819. She flexes her versatility by providing background singing for music theatre and cabaret performances as well. If that wasn’t enough, in 2022, she was part of the staff band at the School of Rock West Cobb. Get in touch to find the singer you’ve been waiting for!


What the People Are Saying


“Chelsea can sing, sing, sing. OMG, seriously fantastic. I knew she would take my song to another level. It has been a huge honor and pleasure to work with her!”


“Wow wow wow Thank you soooo much Fantastic attention to detail Amazing energy fantastic voice and the rapping WOW”


“Fast delivery, amazing performance. Thank you so much!:)”


“Absolutely amazing performances, so happy can’t speak highly enough of the service. Quality voice, quality person!!! Do not hesitate to use Regina’s voice for your projects!”